Rematriation Magazine is an online, rematriating storytelling platform powered by a Sisterhood of over 1,000 Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women. We are a platform where Indigenous women gather for collective healing from historical and current trauma—and empowerment through new narratives. We deliver kitchen table conversations through an online platform, allowing women to participate from anywhere at any time.

Rematriation is a movement by which Indigenous women are reclaiming their identity—something taken from them through genocide, history and mass media.

Stories about violence, substance abuse and poverty in Native American communities pervade media and are always told by non-Native publications. Rematriation is our opportunity to gain control of the narrative and tell our own stories from our point of view.

It’s time to tell Herstory, and that is what Rematriation Magazine is doing. Your generous donation helps us continue this work.

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