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Call for Submissions

Hey Storytellers,

We’ve always told stories around our kitchen tables with our sisters, aunties and grandmas. A big mug of hot tea or cold ice water, could readily keep the words flowing on topics that we found pertinent in our lives.

Anyone can tell a story—don’t be afraid to tell yours. We here at Rematriation Magazine, believe that everyone has a story to tell. Long gone are the days of others speaking for us, we can tell our own stories—in writing, videos, photos and podcasts.

Don’t be afraid of typos, grammatical errors or not sounding right, we have editors to help with that. If you have a short story, long story, anecdote, poem, fiction or nonfiction, please send it in—in any medium you like to tell your story. Rematriation Magazine will compensate our story tellers, based on story length and medium.

We would love to hear from everyone that joins us at our virtual kitchen table. We will put a pot of tea on and wait for your submission.

Accepting submissions through December 15th.


From all of us at Rematriation Magazine