Lisa Latocha, Oneida

Lisa Latocha, Oneida

Editor & Communications Strategist

Lisa is a prominent organizer, knowledge holder, culture changer and thought leader from Onyota’a:ka—the people of the upright stone also known as the Oneida Indian Nation of New York. Lisa is a herstorian, communications specialist and medicine maker with a knowledge of Oneida women’s history, culture and medicine practices. She is an Oneida Nation Wolf clan member, and daughter of Oneida Nation Wolf Clanmother Otatdodah W. Homer with whom she runs Buffalo Spirit Herbs, a herbal medicine company where she is an apprentice herbalist to her mother, the Master herbalist. Together, they sustain their family line of medicine makers which predates colonization as they strive to continue the practice in a synthetic world. Otatdodah and her daughter Lisa make and share traditional medicine.

Lisa is currently a Museum Assistant at the Longyear Museum of Anthropology at Colgate University where she has initiated the Rematriation of over 8,000 Indigenous objects from across Turtle Island; these are in the process of being returned to their perspective Nations. An advocate for the rights of past and present Indigenous peoples, she plans to assist in as many areas possible to help change the narrative inside academia through her active participation in decolonizing spaces.

Lisa is a believer in truth, justice and the rule of Natural Law. She has been behind the scenes on many events that raise money for the sick, the troubled and the impoverished. Lisa has also worked at the Shako:wi Cultural Center in Oneida Nation where she researched her people to the level of herstorian. She was involved with the Oneida language revitalization program and is an avid advocate for Indigenous people learning their mother tongues.

Lisa holds a Master of Science in Communication Studies from Ithaca College. She serves in a leadership role for the Seven Dancers Coalition, which is focused on ending sexual assault and domestic violence in Indigenous communities while restoring Indigenous values. Lisa is a prior United States soldier with several medals in weapons training.