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Story Ideas and Submission Form (below)

Rematriation Magazine has a Haudenosaunee women’s POV (Point of View), and all Indigenous women and supportive Indigenous men are encouraged to submit ideas. Rematriation Magazine will compensate our storytellers, based on story length and medium.

January Stories

  • Midwinter ceremonies

  • Time of renewal

  • Naming babies

  • Winter foods

  • Sacred sites

  • Actions for change

  • Indigenous retreats

  • Healing addiction naturally

  • Words of Wisdom

  • Languages

  • Self-care

February Stories

  • Maple ceremonies

  • Maple syrup benefits, uses, making

  • Explanations of treaties, treaty belts

  • Telling positive stories about ourselves

  • Changing the narrative in historical landmarks, land acknowledgements etc.

  • Relationships

  • Overcoming

March Stories

  • Thunder ceremonies

  • Sovereignty

  • Undoing historical trauma

  • Photo sharing of communities

  • Stories about our hand crafts, arts, medicines, craft, sewing, basket, painting

  • Community houses across the country

  • Spring, birth

  • Awakenings