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Returning The Sacred To The Mother

We’re Writing Herstory


Rematriation is a powerful word Indigenous women of Turtle Island use to describe how they are restoring balance to the world. To Haudenosaunee women, it means “Returning the Sacred to the Mother,” and at Rematriation Magazine we are guided by our traditional teachings which acknowledge our connection to water, Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth. We are empowered through our matrilineal culture.

The Magazine

Rematriation Magazine is an storytelling platform where Indigenous women gather for collective healing form historical as well as current traumas—and for empowerment through rewriting our own narratives and the telling of new narratives. We deliver kitchen table conversations through an online platform, allowing women to participate from anywhere at any time.

The Sisterhood

On the summer of 2017, our Haudenosaunee Sisterhood was rekindled in a historic meeting of women from the six Nations of our Confederacy. Onkwehonwe women came together under the monumental solar eclipse during a 4-day gathering of healing at Ganondagan. Rematriation Magazine supports the sisterhood by creating spaces for conversation on issues we care about on our platform.

What we do

Our Platform


The Rematriation Magazine Social Network provides exclusive access for Haudenosaunee women and Indigenous sisters who are drawn to our work. This is a safe space for us to discuss topics presented in Rematriation Magazine and reflect upon deeper connections in our communities and healing. Access is provided by invitation and conversations are not open for the public to participate.  

Rematriation Magazine delivers kitchen table conversations in the form of articles, videos and podcasts.

 Oh, and did we mention our social network is not Facebook.


Rematriation Magazine supports the gatherings of Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women, which are essential to the healing and sharing of our stories. Rematriation Magazine supports the Haudenosuanee Sisterhood that has gathered each summer at Ganondagan. There were over 200 women at our first gathering in 2017. This type of gathering for healing, for our women, had not happened in collective memory of our women in over 200 years.


Rematriation Magazine newsletters are one way to keep our community informed about upcoming events, as well as highlight stories featured in our magazine. To join our newsletter, submit a subscription request through our online form.

We Are Listening To Indigenous Women

“I would give anything to hear my great-grandmother’s story.”

– Wa’kerakats:te Louise McDonald, Akwesasne Mohawk Bear Clan Mother

We’re Sisters

Meet the Team

Michelle Schenandoah, Oneida

CEO, Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Janet Flores, Guachichil (Mexico)

Platform Management

Lisa Latocha, Oneida

Editor & Communications Strategist

Diane SChenandoah, Oneida

Executive Assistant & Editor

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