Indigenous Women’s Voices Series

About The Series

Indigenous Women are raising their voices, sharing their natural gifts given to them by Creation.

Rematriation has centered the voice of 9 Indigneous women in a short video series that shares stories of resilience, leadership, spirituality and healing. Led by an all women team, directors and producers, Katsitsionni Fox (Mohawk) and Michelle Schenandoah (Oneida), cinematographer, Marie Cecile Dietlin, and multiple editors including Rematriation’s New Media Creator, Afton P. Lewis.

Rematriation Magazine’s film series furthers the current international dialogues about dismantling social injustice, but through a spiritually grounded, Indigenous lens. As the world faces an unprecedented global crisis on so many fronts, it is imperative to center the voices Indigenous women who hold traditional knowledge about living in balance with Mother Earth, and who understand true equity, democracy and justice.

Now that our world has taken a pause, it’s time to listen and begin understanding a spiritual worldview needed for the survival of humanity.

It’s time for the voices of Indigenous women to be heard over the lands.

Learn about Rematriation and listen to the stories of:

Indigenous Women’s Voices Series is funded by

Vision Maker Media and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.