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The Sisterhood is the core of what we do at Rematriation: provide content by Indigenous women, for Indigenous women and only for us. In a world that has systematically attacked our bodies, our families and tried to erase our voices for generations, we are still here and #OurStoriesMatter. We deserve a place that is just for us. A place where we can support one another and heal together. A place where we can tell HerStory. The Sisterhood is that place.

Sister, you deserve a community that is just for you!

“With the intention of uplifting the minds of our people and helping to return to our traditional ways of life, The Sisterhood continues to gather every year”

As the women who helped bring The Sisterhood forward were spiritually advised in 2017, we are all living in a moment of social breakdown because the people have lost their way and are not fulfilling their responsibilities to all of life and each other. With the intention of uplifting the minds of our people and helping to return to our traditional ways of life, The Sisterhood continues to gather every year, heal alongside each other, support one another, and honor the Great Message of Peace set forth by the Peacemaker nearly 1,000 years ago.

The Sisterhood gatherings are Indigenous-only, closed spaces that enable true healing to emerge within our communities after centuries of systematic genocide, colonization and forced assimilation. We ask our non-Indigneous friends to respect these closed spaces of healing.

The Sisterhood and the movement of rematriation happening across Mother Earth are the foundational values and inspiration held within Rematriation, although they are organic, growing communities with their own journeys and are fully independent from our organization.

Rematriation’s team are all a part of The Sisterhood. Our Founder Michelle, her mother, Diane, and all of our board members are part of the core group of Sisters who carried forward the dreams and actions that led to the formation of the Sisterhood.

Join a Gathering

Haudenosaunee and Indigenous women are invited to join us for the annual Rekindling The Sacred Fire of Our Sisterhood gathering. This is an Indigenous women-led space where supportive Indigenous men, non-binary and Two Spirit folks – who feel aligned with our purpose – are invited to attend. We welcome supportive Indigenous men, who are able to fully recognize that this is a women’s space, to join us and to offer their time and labor to ensure that this is a successful gathering.

2024 Eclipse Gathering

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