Rematriation App

Rematriation has launched a re-envisioned version of the Rematriation App for Indigenous Knowledge sharing among our Indigenous Relatives. The Rematriation App was originally a safe space for Indigenous women only. As a Team, we asked ourselves, how can Rematriation be more inclusive to all our Indigenous Relatives?

The Rematriation App is now a platform for knowledge-sharing for all Indigenous relatives, including Two-Spirit and Non-Binary folks, and will continue to be a safe space. 

Indigenous Relatives, be sure to download the Rematriation App and experience our community!

If you are interested in sharing your Indigenous knowledge with the Rematriation App through hosting a course, teaching in a live webinar, & more, please email [email protected]

To our non-Indigenous allies and supporters, we would like to express our gratitude for your understanding that our App is for Indigenous folks. The Rematriation App is creating space for Indigenous communities to come together in a capacity that was limited in the past due to colonization. Thank you for respecting our safe space. Please continue to support our work by signing up for our newsletter, staying informed on our social media, sharing all that you learn with your family and friends, and making a tax-deductible contribution to our organization.