Warrior Girl Unearthed Reviewed by Nicole Sundown

Nya:wëh sgënö’ swagwe:göh

My name is Nicole E. Sundown, I’m a Mother of two sons, an artist and a proofreader by day. I am Seneca, turtle clan, residing on the Buffalo Creek territory my entire life. I love to read, craft and share the knowledge I carry with my sons, nieces and nephews. I have recently been selected by the author, Angeline Boulley to read and review her latest book, titled, Warrior Girl Unearthed. What an honor it was to be selected and I couldn’t think of a better platform to share my review with than this beautiful Rematriation community!

For those unfamiliar with Angelines work, her debut book, Firekeepers Daughter was amazing. It is a page turning story on its own but also provides a familiarity to the characters in her second book, Warrior Girl Unearthed. I recommend Firekeepers Daughter all the time to anyone looking for a good read! Warrior Girl Unearthed will definitely be added to that recommendation list!

In time sequence, it is not technically a part two, but features the same characters as the first book, which was nice but a great story on its own. She really gave a lot of attention to our ever growing MMIW issues; as well as, the topic of the repatriation of cultural and funerary objects that are held in museums, being returned to their tribal homes. In light of times we are living in, and centering Indigenous women, let’s shift the focus from repatriation, the patriarchal point, and like the warrior girl on earth, to claim the return of our strength, and objects returned to our people as rematriation- a return of the sacred to the mother. If you’re looking for a summer reading list, Angeline Boulley will take you on an amazing journey to the beloved Ojibwe home of Michigan’s Sugar Island. I didn’t expect the mystery twist in either book, but loved each one! The artwork on the cover is beautiful!

Nya:wëh for the amazing opportunity to let me share!


Editor’s Note: Here is a link to a women-owned intersectional Feminist community bookstore located in Brooklyn, NY to purchase Warrior Girl Unearthed and Firekeeper’s Daughter:

Click here to buy Warrior Girl Unearthed

Click here to buy Firekeeper’s Daughter